What is a feisty elder?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes C. J. Golden, a feisty elder, to engage in a conversation on how to support and become an person who is living a full life with awareness and joy in every moment.

Dr. Jeanette and CJ dance with stories on the radio show here. Need a laugh, listen in.

“I am not on the downside of my life, I am on the expanded side of my life! My knees are getting older but I am not getting older!”

Are you taking on a role in later life of a caregiver and feel the last years of your life too are slipping away? C.J. has written her  story of receiving and giving through caregiving in a loving spousal relationship. Her book is One Pedal at a Time: A Novice Caregiver and Her Cyclist Husband Face Their New Normal with Courage, Tenacity and Abundant Love.

Is mental health a state of awareness of where you are each day and fighting the memories that are playing on a loop? Are you depressed because you have an inner conflict with what memory is stuck in your head and the reality of the day?

What is important in life to you?

For more information on C. J. visit: www.CJGolden.com