Help Caregiving – Open Heart Surgery – My mother had to have open heart surgery after her second heart attack. If it was not for Dr. Jeanette being there for me and my mom, I don’t know how I would have made it through. Dr. Jeanette answered all my questions, translated what the doctors were telling me, and told me what the test results meant. She was available whenever I needed to ask a question or to talk about what my mother’s life might be like during and after recovery. She was also very helpful in her suggestions on how to ask the doctors questions in a non-confrontational way that I wanted answers to, as well as asking me questions about my mothers care at home and how to prepare for her coming back to live at her home. I can recommend Dr. Jeanette with no qualms.
CL, New Mexico
Quality of Life Support – End of Life Care – What a caring and loving advocate Dr. Jeanette is! I cannot thank her enough for all of her thoughtfulness for both my uncle and myself when dealing with my uncle’s 3 major medical issues. She was so well informed about all of my uncle’s illnesses. She interpreted what the test results were in an easy to understand manner, made suggestions about what services were available to my uncle through medicare, and focused keeping his quality of life in the forefront. She was a great resource when one of his doctors suggested a lung test that would take about 4-6 hours. She gave me a few questions to ask the doctor in my uncle’s presence so that my uncle could make and informed decision about the test.As my uncle’s health declined and we had hospice in our home for my uncle Dr. Jeanette was making sure his quality of life as well as my health was addressed. I am keeping Dr. Jeanette in my corner and would recommend her services to anyone who needs a healthcare advocate for any reason.
PG, California
What a Blessing for Us – My Mom’s boyfriend, Perry, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and she and I had no idea of what that meant or entailed in terms of treatment or care. Dr. Jeanette’s compassion and understanding of the medical field and the treatment of cancer was outstanding. She put in layman’s terms what the treatments would be like which was tremendously helpful for both my Mom and I. It also helped us help Perry understand better what his treatment options were and what to expect after the cancer treatments. Dr. Jeanette was supporting us when we had to hire a full time care giver for Perry all the way through getting him into hospice. Her kindness, compassion and heart for Perry, Mom and I was amazing. You could not ask for a better advocate. I will certainly use her services again and I recommended her to several of my friends.
LP, Illinois