Your Health and High Temperatures can Spell Trouble

When the temperatures rise in the summer and you are out in the sun and heat, there are many significant health risks that are often over looked. While dehydration seems to be a simple fix; drink water and stay hydrated. Do you know what that really means? Hydration is essential as the fluid imbalance of the body can affect almost every organ in your body.  Water keeps the balance and pressure in check and allows your body to work like … Read More

Natural Disaster Effects on Elders

Natural disasters can take elders to the end of their lives very quickly as fail safe protections are not in place to assist in the case of hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes or other events that are unforeseen. An elder can be anyone over the age of 50 but it can also include those who are in need of living support and that can be at any age.  It may include health concerns, living support for mental health issues and care for … Read More

Eyesight & Driving

Q: You notice your mother will not drive with her husband. She claims he is all over the street and afraid of getting into an accident. What is the first thing to do? A:  Make an eye doctor appointment for both your mother and your father.  Let them both see just how important to take care of their vision for the safety of each other on the road.  You should also be present to decide if maybe there is something … Read More