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Wellness Radio with Dr. J for 2019: Exploring Your New Life

Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette is accepting pitches for guest radio spots in 2019.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND is an informed expert host and she seeks guests who are willing to have a casual conversation on air about timely topics in life, health, wellness, food, spirituality, philosophy, nutrition, life challenges, and other struggles we all experience.  Dr. Jeanette’s goal is to have a discussion about living a fulfilled life regardless of the challenges you may be facing.  She shares how to walk through experiences that may seem to be difficult and how to change your life story one moment at a time.

Donations are accepted to allow Wellness Radio to inspire, heal, challenge and support those who are struggling or looking for guidance in the world today.  100% of all donations are used to keep the shows in archives and support radio in the future.  Consider a gift of support, thank you, Dr. Jeanette.

If you are an author, professional, physician, global product company, or someone who has a message to share and can hold a discussion for one hour with Dr. J, you are invited to share your pitch today.

Self-marketing and self-published books are accepted; make a pitch!  Public Relations Representatives and Publicity/Marketing companies are also welcome to submit clients.  Shows are either live or pre-recorded via telephone and are published on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Sound Cloud and Tune In Radio.  Dr. Jeanette has over 450 show currently in the archives and tops 1mil listeners reaching a global market of all age groups.

Testimonials from previous guests include:

– John David Mann, co-author of The Go-Giver and The Recipe, New York Times Bestseller Author

“Being on Dr. Jeanette’s show was both a delight and a revelation.  She asked excellent questions, but I expected that.  More, she had startlingly acute perceptions about the characters in my book, and I think I learned as much as the listeners did!  What a fascinating person – fantastic host.  Thank you for a wonderful hour, Dr. Jeanette!”

– Ajayan Borys, author of Whispers of the Himalaya and Effortless Mind: Meditate with Ease

“To be interviewed by Dr. Jeanette is to delight in a unique, creative, sensitive, delightfully, quirky, and indisputable wise woman.  I am so grateful to have spent an hour with her.  You aren’t just interviewed by Dr. Jeanette; she draws you into co-creating a tapestry designed to illumine everyday experience with the spiritual light within us all.  Thank you, Dr. Jeanette, for your beautiful spirit and your important work.”

Pitch your topic or work as Dr. J loves to share on health, wellness, spirituality, nutrition, life challenges, patient care, physician stories, and almost anything you can consider.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, is a visionary, spiritual guide, Naturopathic Physician and inspirational author and radio host.  Dr. Jeanette has over four decades of work in healthcare through many different professions.  Her work is varied across all aspects of life, and the last five decades of her life are shared fluidly throughout the radio shows as she shares her experiences with vulnerability and honesty.  She is an open book and allows the conversations to delve into the deep questions and stumbling blocks we all have in healing or making life a great place to be.  Through her words and voice, inspiration and healing can be found to touch your heart and soul with love and kindness.  Join her in the journey of life, one experience at a time.

Radio show:

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Email pitches to Dr. Jeanette with the subject line: radio pitch via contact us page on any website listed.  Do not send media kits!  Submit guest name, topic, short paragraph on discussion and contact information with links to verify.

Due to my physical location in New Orleans, and family members along the Eastern Coasts, if at anytime there is a threat of a hurricane, all shows will be canceled without notifying the guest. If you are in a hurricane risk area, do NOT concern yourself with the scheduled date/time and take care of self. Nothing is more important than self and family. Please also keep in mind, if I miss a scheduled date/time, there is either a family/patient/weather crisis and we must remain flexible and compassionate. Thank you for being my radio guest.