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Dear Friends:

I have been asked to share my life story for the last several decades and with every attempt to put it down with words on paper, it takes another exit off the highway. So many adventures and challenges that have been difficult to relive, to write, are still in the secrets box in my heart. In 2020, I will take out the key and start to write them out to give them light. Perhaps, then, they will start to morph and dance with the last few decades of this lifetime.

My radio shows carry so many messages and stories from my life, I would highly suggest listening to any random show and seeing what I might share. As there is a kindred spirit in sharing with those who have also had a similar experience, it seemed like the first place to start.  There are now almost one thousand shows in which my voice has cracked, danced, faltered, and released all my fears of talking about my life experiences.

Over the decades, I have had many professional positions in healthcare; dental hygienist, Naturopathic Physician, surgery assistant, hospice aide, nurse’s aide, Provider Relations for several states in Medical Insurance Plans, caregiver, and many more. Each position shared another story with me to explore and see how people were treated, how we engage with others and how so many are hurt and suffering. I have touched hands and hearts of over 500 thousand souls; but who is counting right?

Through abuse, trauma, pain, change, loss, addictions, and violence, each time it came to me, it ate another part of my soul and heart until there was nothing left. The path to regaining my life was spattered with boot kicks to keep me down and physical pain to remind me to stay down.

Now, 2020, in the light of a life I am living, all of the past has dissolved and through each piece that is no longer present, another seems to take its place. The path has been long and the breaks were hard but I can assure you, well worth the trip.

My guides through the process were those who took the time to share with me on radio, the practitioners who reached out for a complimentary session, and the support of my Angel reader friend and also my web designer friend.

Since I speak almost exclusively to spirit and those beyond this world, I have oceans of unconditional love to support my heart every day!

Perhaps in 2020, I will share my story and you can then feel you too, are not alone and what you have gone through is also something that has created the loving soul you are today.

Much love, Jeanette


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