Wellness Radio with Dr. J Testimonials

A few recent testimonials from radio guests are shared below.  The radio show is so unique that you can hear words of change, inspiration and support right through the last moments of the show.

“Dr. Jeanette is a tremendous host and great interviewer. She obviously took the time to read my book in advance, asked deeply insightful questions and made excellent points that highlighted her understanding of the current zeitgeist. Her caring nature and work to illuminate her listener’s spiritual path are gifts to the world.” – Jane Ramsey, author of Vision Quest, a journey to happiness
“Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is a fascinating, intuitive interviewer. She sees into a story with perception and reasoning. She is warm and caring of her interviewees. I truly enjoyed my half hour with her on the 18th of September. I hope she feels the same. Her interview took Henry into a venture of exploration of nature, loving, himself, and the theme of love, protection, and excitement of life discoveries. Thank you Dr. Jeanette!” – Nancy Hurley, author of “Henry’s Mysterious Voice”, a New Age Children’s Book
“I really enjoyed my interview with Dr. Jeanette. After appearing on over 400 radio stations, it is truly refreshing to have a host who is authentic, well-prepared and insightful. I find it makes the discussion far more interesting and meaningful for the listeners. Dr. J is terrific! I would come back on her show in a heartbeat.” – John J. Murphy, global business consultant, speaker, spiritual mystic, “zentrepreneur,” and award-winning author of “Miracle Minded Manager”
“My conversation with Dr. Jeanette was so interesting and natural, as the energy just flowed freely between us. I love how welcome she makes her guests feel, and how she gets into the deep questions, rather than keeping it surface level. The conversation just sort of unfolded organically and I love that! I got off the phone feeling both inspired and nourished!” – Lisa Marie Basile, author of “Light Magic for Dark Times”
“To be interviewed by Dr. Jeanette is to delight in a unique, creative, sensitive, delightfully, quirky and indisputable wise woman. I am so grateful to have spent an hour with her. You aren’t just interviewed by Dr. Jeanette; she draws you into co-creating a tapestry designed to illumine everyday experience with the spiritual light within us all. Thank you, Dr. Jeanette, for our beautiful spirit and your important work.” – Ajayan Borys, author of “Whispers of the Himalaya and Effortless Mind”
“Being on Doctor Jeanette’s show was both a delight and a revelation. She asked excellent questions, but I expected that. More, she had startlingly acute perceptions about the characters in my book, and I think I learned as much as the listeners did! What a fascinating person – fantastic host. Thank you for a wonderful hour, Dr. Jeanette!” – John David Mann, New York Times best-selling author coauthor of “The Go-Giver” and “The Recipe”