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Dr. Jeanette Gallagher ND

The statement below has been my path for the last ten years. As I graduated medical school on a high, I believed all could be great and healed. I could make my life and the world a better place than what I had experienced up to then. People would not have to hurt, suffering was not the only answer and everyone was a deserving loving human being. Then, life and obstacles came about to teach me otherwise. I remained an attentive student to life, health and nature but always with the belief – all is still good and great. It was a difficult path to take but at every turn, there was something different to experience, more crap than I could imagine and stores of past history that had to be burned once and for all. My life, I can say, has never been easy, be it from family origin, circumstances, choices or location, but I am still here standing with all my senses and heart intact. That was a very long road with no light in sight at times. What I have experienced and learned, I can now bring forth to share and guide you on your path, no matter how rocky, as I can name every one of my rocks along this path. I come here as parent, teacher, student, doctor, family member and intuitive.


“Time to pitch the labels of good, bad, right, wrong, and all the labels I have accumulated throughout my life to the curb. It will be a week of tractor trailers to collect all of mine. There are some that wish to linger in my stillness and comfort, but I truly wish to let them go their way. My body is tired and old before its years, my mind is frantic with trying to learn and be better each day, my heart is pounding to make it to the next space and my soul is screaming to let me know who it is yet I cannot hear the distant whispers. Stillness, peace and joy are there for the taking…………how far out of my reach must they be as they remain so elusive. At times, I see a twinkle, I feel a gust of cool air or I smell a scent of days bygone. Longing for the touch of all, I remain, open, seeking, and sensing every moment of my days. Today, tonight, this moment …………..that is what I have and that is what is here. No time to waste as the breeze blows to never return to the same spot ever again. And so I am moving through, making a mark and believing the good in all. Breathe.”
– Dr. Jeanette