Acute Care/Hourly Services

Acute Care/Hourly Services – $250/hr (within 50 mile radius) are for services related to a health or lifestyle concern that need attention by addressing one particular issue. Further health support for wellness requires a case package to review the whole person as a path would be developed with incremental goals at various stages of progress.


In person: hourly/minimum of two hours – $500. Fees are to be paid prior to the visit and if there is an overage of time, the additional rate to be paid at the conclusion of the appointment.


Telephone/Skype – $250/hour (1 hour minimum): Fees are approximated when the appointment is scheduled and a deposit is required prior to the time scheduled. If there is a need to extend the time, another appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible.


Emails – $250/hour (30 minute increments): billed at the telephone rate for my time to open, read, research and answer. The amount due will appear at the end of the email. Payment is to be made within 24 hours.


Texts are not accepted at any time. Voice mails are not acceptable for follow ups. Voice mails are only for me to return your call.

Compassionate telephone calls may be available on a per case basis, contact Dr. Gallagher for more information.

Acute care is defined as; a problem-centered issue that is limited in focus, it can be described in a short amount of time, and the opinion/advice of Jeanette Gallagher, ND can be discussed in a conversational tone. This is to encourage participation by the client and/or family; and to produce results that would be decided by the client to make changes to their own health.

It is very important for the client to be prepared with information that is requested prior to the scheduled appointment time. To get the best results, thinking about your health and being prepared with questions and your thoughts will eliminate the need for excessive questioning later.

Telephone calls can be made to Dr. Jeanette from 9am CT to 7pm CT to discuss the need for an appointment or to state an urgent need. All regular conversation is to be within these hours. If you have an urgent need after these hours, please, call the number you are given for emergencies. Dr. Jeanette does provide immediate answers if you follow the emergency policy. She also provides in person and telephone time as the issue requires.