Application for Services

Application for Services and Documents Needed


If you wish to have help with your current health issues, the application for service documents below are to be completed and emailed to Dr. Jeanette upon confirmation of an appointment.

The process is detailed below:

This is the first step!  Interact with Dr. Jeanette in an introduction process called ‘Let’s Talk’.  For more information and to schedule your session, click this link.

The items below are necessary prior to your first session.  Please click on each item and complete as directed.  No appointments will be confirmed until all items are completed.

  1. Sign and complete the updated disclosure form.
  2. Sign and complete the Contract for Services.
  3. Schedule an appointment time with Dr. Jeanette.
  4. Review the Payment policy along with option for Check payments.  Click on the paypal payment link with option of your choice.
  5. Confirm your private email address with Dr. Jeanette for secure communication going forward at the first appointment.


After you have completed the first session, you have several options for further support listed here:   Acute/Hourly or Case Package.

While this is the current process to obtain services, they are not the only way to ask for help.  If you have other requests, contact Dr. Jeanette via the contact us page and state your needs.  Help is available be it an hour or several days, you name what you need and we will see how to help.