Let’s Talk Session

How can I get help?  What type help is available?

Dr. Jeanette will help guide you by uncovering challenges, defining the issues and showing you the choices you may make in health, life and home.  She has many different options to receive support which are listed below and the first step is to schedule a Let’s Talk session to see how help can be available to you.

Step one:  Send a request for help via the contact us page and I will get back to you to schedule date/time.

Step two:  when we have confirmed the date/time, please pay for the session via the link below to add payment to cart.

  • Initial Introduction – ‘Let’s Talk Session’: Tell me about your current situation for 30 minutes and I will share for 15 minutes my thoughts. You will be able to decide if my help is appropriate for you at this time.

Choose one:

Examples of help plans may include but not limited to:

  • Health condition: what am I faced with in understanding terms, how will things proceed at this point, what are some options, how can I make choices
  • Personal support: what kind of help should I be asking for and from whom, I have no family or my family is far away so now what, what roles do the people around me need to be doing
  • Home: do I have everything I need to support my current quality of life at home, and if not, what do I need and how do I get it,
  • Emergency plan: do I have people and systems in place to help me if I have an event or if there is something going on that I cannot help myself
  • Nutrition: am I providing myself with food that heals my body and supports life or do I need help in getting regular food daily, do I need additional dense nutrients
  • Logistics: can I get to my appointments, who can get my medication refills, does the grocery store deliver, how can I pay for my living expenses
  • Legal: do you have medical power of attorney, DNR, last will, and other financial or legal papers in place, do you have your end of life care documented for others to reference
  • Quality of Life: how can I adjust my lifestyle to my current limitations but live fully, what support do I need and what does that look like
  • Daily plan: all of this seems confusing and I need a daily plan to sort things out so I and others do not have to remember so much and miss something
  • Compassionate listening: do you just need someone to listen, hear your pain and be a comfort, this is available more frequently if needed, ask about option

Support can be health and wellness related in any decade of life, however, Dr. Jeanette is working with clients for health coaching that are over the age of 50.  There are exceptions, so if you are under this age, please consider to send her a note and see if this is something she wishes to work with on the contact us page.

Teaching your family how they can support you going forward at end of life time or quality of life with health challenges can be something no one thinks about when something happens.  Everyone listens but with judgement and patterns from their own past which may be nothing at all what you need at this time.  It truly is hard to ask for help when everyone is busy and living a distance away.  Many family members and friends have been noted to say in the past ‘do I really need to come right now’ and ‘well, let me know if something happens’.  I, myself, do not wish for anyone to die alone, feel uncared for, or receive substandard care just because they did not know what to ask, how to support themselves or reach out for a life line.

Life is meant to be cherished and lived until the last second with family and friends and open eyes and listening ears. You cannot take material things with you and the love for people in your life is the most important reason we are here on this earth. Choose wisely each day what you wish to focus on.

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND is a Naturopathic doctor licensed in the State of Arizona. She does not provide services of diagnosing or treating medical conditions. Her focus is on guiding you to make choices that work for you by providing support services, personal, informational and educational. Dr. Jeanette makes no claims to cure disease nor to treat disease in any way.