Dr. Jeanette Radio Host Programs



Dr. Jeanette hosts her radio show Wellness Radio with Dr. J which currently tops 400 shows on various topics in health, wellness, spirituality and life challenges.  Her show is based on casual conversation with herself as the expert host and an expert guest on topics that you, the listener, would love to know more about, may have never heard of the topic or in which she describes something that is very important which every one should know.  The show is very conversational and thought probing as Dr. Jeanette realizes not everyone is on the same page and she strives to inspire you the listener to find out more about how a topic may enhance your life.

Take a chance and sift through all the shows on the RSS feed then click on the show link to listen to the program in archives.  All shows are available on Blog Talk Radio, Pyramid One Network and iTunes. You may listen on your telephone, pads or computer by visiting the website www.blogtalkradio.com/dr-jeanette-gallagher or clicking on the links through the RSS feed.  Join Dr. Jeanette twice per week; see what topics are coming up to stir the pot and share her inquisitive mind in discussions meant to delight all listeners.  Check out the sidebar for past shows and headlines from the radio.

If you are an author, healthcare professional, wellness practitioner, natural health company, food developer, or spiritual leader, have a great product or service or just want to share you on the radio, send a pitch on the Contact Us Page.

Dr. Jeanette is also available to be an expert guest on your radio show; just ask!!