Below are Dr. Jeanette Gallagher’s Weekly Spotlight Radio Shows. Click on the show title to listen.

The Mystic Journey of Soul Making

March 18, 2018

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Robert Atkinson, author of Mystic Journey: Getting to the heart of your soul’s story, to share our present day evolution. Robert asks ‘What is the soul’s transformation and evolution’? The Mystic journey is remembering we all come from the same creator. Can we remember who we are and what our soul has to say? The process is to unity with the creator and union to recognizing the consciousness and oneness of humanity. Why are we here, what are we doing and are we here to repeat and play out history or to bring forth a new world? How is our collective soul journey moving forward; are we in the dark night of the soul or the dark night of the collective? For more information visit:

Waeil Borhan speaks on living a life of Self-Centeredness; where is God?

March 11, 2018

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Waeil Borhan, author of “I”, a study of living a self centeredness or God centrism life in this transforming existence we are now experiencing. This book is exploring the concept of a power that is the source of life and the universe, how does this power play in your everyday experiences? How do you choose each day to live with grace and honor of self and others? Do you know you have a choice in the world or do you believe that others control you from birth and you are just here to play out the story? What is the source of life and love in a universe that is so full of potential and mystery that our consciousness has only started to explore? While there are not always answers, Waeil is guiding us to explore the deep questions of our existence and how to continue to seek with wonderment and joy the love of God.