My loved one has died and are they ok?

“Can you tell my angels I am ok today? I thank you for being there and watching over me.”

You have a loved one die after a hard health challenge, dire circumstances or sudden event; perhaps you are concerned and worry that they had a hard transition or they are not doing well after they passed. Many times I have worried loved ones ask me all the time ‘are they ok’?

Let’s take this back a step. The event that ends our human life is just that, an event. I speak many times about how our soul and spirit are on a continuum and we exist in many different timelines, lives and beings over eons. That is perhaps a huge step for many to think about so let us take this a different way. Your grandfather has died and you feel very bad in your heart that your grandfather did not get to see his new grandchild that was born after his passing. You look into the eyes of your child and see a glisten that you say seems to you ‘as your grandfather’s eyes’ and it fills your heart. Do you believe your child has the eyes of your grandfather? Can you conceive that perhaps your grandfather’s energy may be dancing in your child? Many times we use the words ‘you do that just like your father’ or ‘that is so funny, that is what your dad said’, right?

Now, let us say that the grandfather had a very hard event that caused his passing.  When you look into the child’s eyes, do you see the pain or the event or the hardship or the sorrow that you are carrying with you? Can you free yourself to see the love, the compassion, and the light that the grandfather may be showing you in your child’s eyes?

That, my friend, is how we can release our story and pain to create a positive energy flow about the loved one who passed. Therefore, yes, our loved ones are ok, they are loved and cared for in the afterlife. They also know we care for them but they do not want us to worry for them because that further restricts our life with something does not have control over our life. We can choose to have grief over the loss but they really want us to go on and be in love with our life as we move through it each day.

Can you let your loved ones go and rejoice in knowing they are free, out of pain, and beginning a new story that is free of the past?

Let go of the tether line and allow those who have passed to go on and create a wonderful moment in time. Be blessed and love to all.