Grandparents and drinking

To many who have followed me over the years, I speak very frankly about alcohol, drugs, addiction and recovery. To be able to stand firmly in a place and evaluate your participation in this process is a grand place to be. To stand up and say ‘I honor me’ and ‘I honor those around me’ is the name of the game. So here again today, I share another concept to consider.

So, you have a few drinks and your grandchildren are coming over.

Do you say to your children:

  • I would be happy to take the kids
  • I am not feeling well, can they come another day
  • Sure I can take them, do you have time to have a drink before you go back to work

What is up with that? You drank all your life and now you want to put grandchildren at risk? “no risk” you say? How many prescriptions have you taken? Do you have any medical issues but still drink? Are you looped after two drinks and fall asleep in the chair? Can you remember yesterday after the business lunch? Maybe you just chalk it up to dementia, old age, or ‘my body is aging’ ? Do you stumble and do you have bruises? How much sleep do you get every day?

It is time to take responsibility for drinking if you are taking care of anyone and especially if you are taking care of you!

Give a listen to my recent radio show on alcohol. You may find yourself in some of the words spoken there and if not you, perhaps others in your life.

If you drink, live with a drinker or have others around you who drink, I am sure it will totally be revealing as you look at your own life.

With the increase in suicide and addictions, no drug is safe, no drug is going to do good for you and no drug is going to hide the pain you feel inside.

Time to get it out once and for all.

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