After a significant hit that takes you to your knees; what now?

Have you had a hit that you just cannot seem to come out of? Your life has changed and not for the better and you see no way possible you will ever get back to what you were before? I too have had those hits, many of them. Years took me to my knees and I can say I am nothing like I used to be. Who am I? Where am I going? Why does life dish out these hard … Read More

Face to the Sun! You can do it!

When we have a life challenge, medical diagnosis, hard event in our life or suffered a loss of a loved one; it may be hard to get up in the morning. Where do you gain the strength to go on? How can you rise to meet each day? The sun is the source of all life on earth and the center of this grand universe. Point your face to the sun each day and over time, this moment too will … Read More

What is grief after a loss and why is it important?

Guest blog post today by Sherry Cormier, PhD, a licensed psychologist, certified bereavement trauma specialist and author of Sweet Sorrow: Finding Enduring Wholeness After Loss and Grief. Dr. Jeanette and Dr. Sherry had a very engaging conversation on Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette this month. Click here to listen to the show. Dr. Sherry shares: Grief is the experience of feeling sad, sorrowful, and bereaved following some kind of a loss. Most of us feel this way after life hands … Read More

Health implications of binge drinking for only the young?

Do you think you are hiding your drinking habits? Perhaps everyone around you ‘knows you by now’ and expects you to be tanked, that is your normal.  Why? What happens when you have health events? What happens when the bottle you are worshiping is killing you? What happens when you just don’t care anymore? What then? When is enough, enough? Perhaps you are just drinking yourself to an early grave and super pissed off because your god is taking too … Read More

Urinary tract infections in elders; why is it always an issue?

The elder years of our lives bring many health complications that have become the ‘norm’ in the past. Take for example; urinary tract infections. This condition is on the rise the media and health outcomes report! While it is true, the entire context of the reporting population is not revealed to let you know why the infections are on the rise and how they are impacting the rise in sepsis. Is it possible: dementia and Alzheimer’s conditions have increased the … Read More

My loved one has died and are they ok?

“Can you tell my angels I am ok today? I thank you for being there and watching over me.” You have a loved one die after a hard health challenge, dire circumstances or sudden event; perhaps you are concerned and worry that they had a hard transition or they are not doing well after they passed. Many times I have worried loved ones ask me all the time ‘are they ok’? Let’s take this back a step. The event that … Read More

Your Health and High Temperatures can Spell Trouble

When the temperatures rise in the summer and you are out in the sun and heat, there are many significant health risks that are often over looked. While dehydration seems to be a simple fix; drink water and stay hydrated. Do you know what that really means? Hydration is essential as the fluid imbalance of the body can affect almost every organ in your body.  Water keeps the balance and pressure in check and allows your body to work like … Read More

Grandparents and drinking

To many who have followed me over the years, I speak very frankly about alcohol, drugs, addiction and recovery. To be able to stand firmly in a place and evaluate your participation in this process is a grand place to be. To stand up and say ‘I honor me’ and ‘I honor those around me’ is the name of the game. So here again today, I share another concept to consider. So, you have a few drinks and your grandchildren … Read More

Dr. Jeanette expands her work

Dr. Jeanette is expanding her work to include the spiritual experience that has evolved over the last decade. It is fully encompassing your heart, soul, health, and life. The concept of fixing the body, changing your thoughts, and holding everything inside of you til you die is no longer a way that we can live. If you believe that you are hitting this wall, Dr. Jeanette is the first person who can listen, hold you in sacred space and to … Read More

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