After a significant hit that takes you to your knees; what now?

Have you had a hit that you just cannot seem to come out of? Your life has changed and not for the better and you see no way possible you will ever get back to what you were before?

I too have had those hits, many of them. Years took me to my knees and I can say I am nothing like I used to be. Who am I? Where am I going? Why does life dish out these hard times?

  • Life is an experience, the good, bad or ugly.
  • Life is a challenge, the ups or downs.
  • Life is what I choose to make it, easy or hard.
  • Life just is.

What I can share is that no matter what happened to me, I always knew, the next day would be different, the next moment can change and all would be just fine in the long run. Many times, I felt like I was lying to myself, I was full of crap and I just could not stand up to see the trees. But you see, that moment too passed. I just had to wait, do what I could for each day and be safe.

If you are having a time in your life that is taking you out, know it too will pass. Reach out for help or just hold on, tomorrow the sun will come up.  Each day, know you are loved, even if you can’t feel it or see it. It will eventually start to show up in magical ways, even if the flower in the shadows is the perfect example of calling your attention to it and you smile.  So be it.