Visiting The Elder Parents This Holiday Season With Your Small Kids, Keeping Them Safe

Visiting The Elder Parents This Holiday Season With Your Small Kids?  What to watch for to keep them safe. Going on vacation for the holidays and bringing your kids along is a great time for family bonding.  Grandparents may be … Read More

Nursing Home After Surgery? Is it Really Necessary?

Q:  My elder father has been set up to go to a nursing home after a surgery. Is this really necessary? My mother is freaking out! A:  When elder parents have been together for decades, an illness or surgery can … Read More

Application for Services

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Application for Services and Documents Needed   If you wish to have help with your current health issues, the application for service documents below are to be completed and emailed to Dr. Jeanette upon confirmation of an appointment. The process … Read More

Acute Care/Hourly Services

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Acute Care/Hourly Services – $250/hr (within 50 mile radius) are for services related to a health or lifestyle concern that need attention by addressing one particular issue. Further health support for wellness requires a case package to review the whole … Read More

Case Packages for Services

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Case Packages for a Week of Personal Advocate Services either In Home or via Telephone/Skype Case packages are offered to promote intensive work on your health and life challenges. The hours are very labor intensive for the client and their … Read More

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